Your lessons were the most effective I have ever taken – and I have quite a few over the last 37 years. My trip to Barnbougle with my father last October was great. Both courses everything I could have hoped for but I must say I was most impressed with the design creativity of Lost Farm. Sure the fairways are wide but it makes the experience more enjoyable and very playable. Good luck, let me know where you will be teaching because I’d like to do another trip to Barnbougle in Oct and will need a series of lessons

Regards Richard Edwards

I enjoyed lessons with you more than any I have had with anyone else, and learnt vastly more.You impressed me as a really good person as well as a top class teacher.Unfortunately I haven’t played as much over recent years as I had planned.Maybe I will catch up with you at Mooore Park for a lesson when you’re there.

Phil Harvey – from Wentworth Falls

I may say I am very sorry to see that the facility at Homebush will not be used for golf in the future… It has been veryconvenient for me… On a personnel not I am sorry to see you are having to relocate your teaching business…. However as time passes you may verywell see that even greater opportunity presents for you to challenge… lso I very much appreciate the coaching that you provided for me…. while I love the game and the challenge.. I do findit a difficult and frustrating experience…. however there is no question that I am a better hitter of the ball as a result of your,Dave, and Jeff’s efforts… now it is up to me to become a better golfer.. Scott you are a very good coach … I am sure you will be able to make your mark at Moore Park in a very short period of time… The Very Best of Luck in your exciting new challenge….

Regards Mick

I won A grade on Thursday after your lesson, thank you.

Regards, Julio

We are definitely going to be sticking with you as our Golf Coach – Brandon would kill me otherwise.. LOL Brandon doesn’t want to change coaches ever again. His comment after his first lesson with you was “Dad – that was the greatest golf lesson I have ever had in my life – I want Scott to be my coach all the time”.. BTW – just on that – Brandon has been going really great. Played Tamworth GC (a few weeks ago) for the first time this year and he started off the first 9 holes – after 5 holes he was only 2 over par – he’s never done that before. Then in the middle of the round he strung together 5 pars in a row. He practiced the chipping drill a lot and (no surprise) you were right in that his chipping accuracy went through the roof – he was unlucky to not get 4 chip in’s – only missing the cup by barely an inch at times. He’s also started to get a few birdies each round he plays now – whereas before – he never got them.

Regards Matthew Lee